My Quantum Touch journey

My journey towards Quantum Touch started when I was told by a friend about it, her words were “you have very healing hands you should try Quantum Touch I think it would be good for you”

I could not get Quantum Touch out of my head and I searched for it and found the main instructor just 30 minutes drive from me. What I was reading about Quantum Touch, it made me want to do this modality more and more.












I loved what Richard Gordon had to say; it seemed to be without ego as he states; anyone can do it even a 2 year old. Not once have I read the words I am a guru in any of his text. I love that the founder of this is just a regular guy. He and many within QT practice are so transparent it just a joy to be around such people and has taught me that I’m allowed to be transparent too; in fact transparency is somewhat of a relief, being able to be free and setting ourselves a platform to rise to a higher vibration.

My learning Quantum Touch was meant to happen as the universe made it so easy for me to obtain the qualifications, down to the location and the finances. After about a year on from first hearing the words Quantum Touch I was ready to rock and roll.











I had an emergency operation some 4 years ago when a cyst had burst and the 2 cysts had to be removed along with old blood that had to be drained during the operation because it had leaked into my body creating a very painful and dangerous situation for me. The operation was successful but took a while for me to recover. A year later I was told that the cysts were back, right there and then I knew in every fiber and cell of my body that this was my time to heal myself and I knew that Quantum Touch would be the modality I would use. The condition endometriosis has now been shrinking year after year since I have applied Quantum Touch to myself and of course by others.



















Self Created Health a module within the Quantum Touch modality shifted the condition leaps and bound. Immediately after my SCH session, I could cross my legs whilst in a chair, whereas before I was practically laying down in a chair as it was very uncomfortable for me to sit long hours at a time, well actually even for short periods, as the cysts either side made it difficult to sit.  The heaviness of the condition was lifted and lightness was within me, I felt great.













I’ve always respected alternative health modalities like shiatsu, kinesiology, and message. But I can honestly say that Quantum Touch shifts things quicker and works on a very deep and profound level, so much so it took me a while to get my head around it and I started looking for logic. After a while and with some experience I found it easy to just stop looking for the logic, get out of the way, let go and trust in the process. Since then amazing things have happened for me personally and for the people I have treated. And the journey has only just begun.












I’m am truly grateful for this opportunity in my life to assist others in their healing journey so much so I find myself just as ecstatic as them. When I see my clients, happier and healthier, living without pain or fear. Quantum Touch doesn’t just deal with physical ailments it does wonders for emotional matters and new projects or anything life affecting; it’s a lifestyle!













So if you haven’t tried Quantum Touch yet, why wait any longer, don’t put a pause on your health! Allow your body to feel good, in fact, allow your body to feel its best. No-one has to feel pain in any aspect of their life, and nor should they, Love and its higher vibration are the only emotion to feel.


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